Elsevier Africa opens admission for “Elsevier Solution Expert Program (ESEP)” in Egypt

If you are Egyptian and currently Student, Researcher, Master or PhD holder.
Elsevier invites you to be part of the 1st “Elsevier Solution Expert Program (ESEP)” and get certified as an Elsevier Solution Expert at your university and will be given full knowledge about Elsevier solutions.

The benefits you gain from this training:

  • Certification from Elsevier as a trainer.
  • Chance to represent Elsevier in your university.
  •  Valuable scientific awards.


The requirements to apply:

  • Registered at any university, institute or research institutions in Egypt
  • Passionate to research and training.
  • Good in English
  • Can dedicate time for the training and tasks.

Apply from here: https://goo.gl/forms/jpqsHKarpumjo1Pz2


Answering your frequently asked questions:
What is the program duration?
The program duration will be full year

Who will be the instructor?
You will be the trainer as you should have the basic skills. Elsevier will train you on the solutions so you can utilise it to your colleagues.

How frequent will be the sessions?
Training on solutions sessions will be for one week. Then you will have one full year to implement the program in your institution. More information will be communicated to you if you are accepted.

Is there any fees required?
The program will be totally free of fees. 
You will be rewarded to the achievements.

What will happen after the registration ends?
There will be filtration phase on 11th of September and we will contact those who pass to the next step via mail within a week

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